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Get the Advanced Oven Cleaning Service in Sevenoaks

Leave the time-consuming and tedious oven cleaning in the hands of professionals. They will do all the scrubbing till your oven shines. It’s the domestic job most often identified by people as their most disliked chore. That’s why Featherby & Moore has designed a service that will save you a lot of time and energy. The pros have a comprehensive method that ensures the highest result.

The company wants to give its  customers first-class service in the most efficient manner. To do this, we invest in tools and detergents that will bring immediate and long lasting results.

Do you know that a clean oven will reduce the energy consumption?

When it comes to oven cleaning, upholstery cleaning or carpet cleaning, our tailored methods is what makes us different from other brands. Get the most advanced oven cleaning service in Sevenoaks.

Have Our Oven Cleaning Explained

The precise oven cleaning method ensures every part of the oven is covered and sanitised. We know how to clean every part, and assemble it back! The oven technicians use the special dip-tank method that includes all removable parts to be soaked in a solution of water and detergents. Dirt and grime will be destroyed. At the very end, everything will be put back and polished till it shines.

Read Featherby & Moore’s client feedback to see what other customers have to say about our services. The key benefits of our oven cleaning are:

  • Child & pet-friendly, professional detergents used in the cleaning process
  • Dip-Tank cleaning which reaches parts of the cooker that other cleaning systems cannot
  • Replacement of extraction filters, lightbulbs and even faulty seals or other parts by arrangement
  • As part of our cleaning service, you’ll also receive a free energy efficiency assessment on your cooker
  • Cleaning of other kitchen appliances upon request

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